Outsourcing writing needs:

 We will work with you on various genres ranging from entertainment features, social issues, political satires, business features, B2B trade journals, research and analytical writing, copy writing for advertisements, brochures and various marketing collaterals to writing novels and books for renowned publishers as a commissioning writer. We will be happy to work-up and help you complete any of your writing requirements.

The major categories we presently work for are as follows:

1. Corporate writing: Under this segment we shall cover all your corporate communications, covering both internal as well as external requirements in a thematic manner.

These will cover:

- Brochures/ Banners/ Handouts

- Advertisements

- Press Releases

- Biopic of important people

- Content for website

- Internal & external newsletters

2. Personal & Professional Writing: These would include writing on a variety of subjects for publication purpose and would range from writing Biographical works to writing fictional and non-fictional novels and larger write-ups.

Training & Consultancy:

We will work towards first understanding your communication needs, requirements and then work backwards to integrate the right stream of communication process into your organisation or personal profile. We also take up individual training and consultancy assignments separately, but more so believe in taking up short term assignments that ideally range from 3-6 months, and include training your team as well, while we are at creating a long standing communication and media plan for your organisation.

1. Premium TC package: This is ideal for a midsized organisation, where we will help you recruit and train a marketing communications team of 3 people, and at the same time help you set up a website, write & design brochures, business cards, business proposals, advertisement, social media set-up, press releases, garner media coverage and work with you to map the progress of the various communication tools employed.  Duration: 6 months

2. Start-up TC Package: This package works well for start-ups, who have very small marketing budgets, but feel an urgency to integrate their communication process. We will train one of the employees chosen by the owner/entrepreneur to manage the communications line-up, and help in the initial set-up of website, basic marketing collaterals, and help formulate a media plan and most importantly set-up a communication goal.
Duration: 2-3 months

Content Strategist